Which statement about opinion polls is most accurate?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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opinion polls have been around longer than social media

opinion polls can influence how citizens vote

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Opinion polls can influence how citizens vote.

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What the most common and accurate way to measure public opinion?


What is the most common and accurate way to measure public opinion?

The most accurate way to measure public opinion is by taking a representative poll. These polls are often used to predict the outcome of elections or gauge a president's performance.

Who is the most difficult video game boss?

Yes, the anwer would be an opinion, but it could be the final answer to a poll, maybe one by a magazine. Magazine polls would be more accurate than individual answers. Answer this question answers would be based on opinion.

What poll is most likely accurate?

None are accurate. Polls ask a small group of people what they think and each one can be wrong with the results.

What is public opinion about same-sex marriage?

As of 2013, public opinion is in favor of gay marriage by a small majority, about 53% or so in most polls.

Why do some people criticize public opinion polls?

People area often biased either accidentally or on purpose by the questions that are asked, how the questions are worded, the choices for the answers, and who the pollsters choose to ask.Even if polls were 100% accurate, leaders should use their own judgement and do what is right and best for the country, instead of always doin the most popular thing.

What statement on you.s. tariff in the 1930s in the most accurate?

the reipical trade

What state opposes same-sex marriage the most?

I believe that if the criteria you use is public opinion polls or results from ballot measures, the answer is most likely Mississippi.

What statement about the results of the Civil War is most accurate?

Federal supremacy was strengthened

In democracy decisions are made by a majority this means the winner of an election is determined by what?

who the opinion polls say the most people think should win

What statement concerning anti-semitism in Europe is most accurate?

dry hot nuts in europe

What is the most accurate statement about serfs?

Serfs were bound to the land.Best of luck to A+Serfs are bound to the land. A+