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  • People area often biased either accidentally or on purpose by the questions that are asked, how the questions are worded, the choices for the answers, and who the pollsters choose to ask.
  • Even if polls were 100% accurate, leaders should use their own judgement and do what is right and best for the country, instead of always doin the most popular thing.
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Q: Why do some people criticize public opinion polls?
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Which of the following techniques for measuring public opinion requires careful question design?

public opinion polls

What has the author Frank Teer written?

Frank Teer has written: 'Political opinion polls' -- subject(s): Public opinion, Public opinion polls

How are polls used to measure public opinion?

Asking questions on polls reveals how people feel, whether or not they will eventually be voting on an issue or candidate. Polls use any of several criteria to determine how answers represent public sentiment.

What are the three main components of public opinion?

Straw Polls, Trading Polls, and Push Polls.

What are ways in which public opinion is measured in America?

polls and surveys

Where can one locate public opinion polls?

There are many places you can go to locate public opinion polls. There are a lot of databases on the internet that will help you find what you are looking for such as The University of Chicago Library.

Did the public opinion polls show support of the Iraq war?

Public opinion polls were concerned over the military draft; today's conflicts are watched on television without much concern...people's lives are NOT being disrupted by a military draft.

What are the purposes of the public opinion polls?

Public opinion polls are used to gauge public sentiment on various issues, inform decision-making by policymakers and businesses, predict election outcomes, measure public awareness and understanding of certain topics, and provide insight into social trends and attitudes.

Do polls reflect the public opinion or do they shape it?

Polls can reflect public opinion to some extent, as they aim to capture the views and attitudes of a sample of the population. However, they may also shape public opinion to some degree. The way a poll is conducted, the wording of the questions, and the presentation of the results may influence how people think about an issue. Therefore, while polls can provide valuable insights into public sentiment, they should be interpreted with caution.

How do you know what opinion people have?


What the most common and accurate way to measure public opinion?


What is the polls purpose?

to find out the what the public is thinking