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They both some how gave advice to other people/people in lower positions than them.

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they're not elected

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Q: How are senators and members of parliament similar?
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How is Canada Parliament structure?

it is structured by monarchs,senators,and parliament members

How many members of parliament are there in the government in jamaica?

The Jamaican House of Parliament includes the President of the Senate, Cabinet Members, Parliament Members, Senators, and Committee Members. The Parliament Members are made up of Government Members and Opposition Members.

What processes are used to determine Members of Parliament and Senators?


Are the members of the executive branch members of Parliament?

Most Ministers and all parliamentary secretaries are Members of Parliament. Those Ministers who aren't MPs are Senators. The Governor General and civil servants are not Members of Parliament.

In Parliament who delivers the messages to the members and senators?

A________s... yeah I saw that in a crossword XD

To who are mp's and senators accountable?

Members of Parliament (MP's) are accountable to the people of the constituency they were voted in from.

How many MPs are there in Canada?

There are 338 Members of Parliament in the nation of Canada. There are also 105 Senators in the upper house.

How many people in Parliament?

The Parliament of Canada consists of Her Majesty the Queen of Canada (represented by the Governor General), the appointed Senate (comprised of 105 senators), and the House of Commons (comprised of 308 members of the House).

How many total members of the Senate are there in French Parliament?

This question previously answered questions about American government, but the question is clearly directed at French Parliament. There are 343 senators in France.

Who are the lawmakers of Australia?

Lobbyists, State Parliaments, Federal Parliament (Upper and Lower House), and The Governer General.

What is the name of a member in Parliament that is not a member of a party?

In both the Senate and the House of Commons, individuals who are not a member of a party are referred to as independent senators or independent members.

How many congressmen are there in Australia?

Australia doesnt have a congress, the equivalent of the US Congress in Australia is called the parliament. In which there are 150 members of the lower house and 76 senators.