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You need to answer this question because your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills. Your list isn’t given to us.

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Q: How can a citizen help benefit herhis society politically Select all that apply.?
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When did The Select Society end?

The Select Society ended in 1764.

When was The Select Society created?

The Select Society was created in 1754.

What has the author Gentleman in a Select Society written?

Gentleman in a Select Society. has written: 'The reply of a gentleman in a select society, upon the important contest between Great Britain and America'

When did The Society end?

The Select Society ended in 1764.

National response framework present the guiding principles that?

Select the statement below that best describes one benefit of NIMS

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Target offers senior citizen discounts starting at age 60. Customers who are 60 years and older can take advantage of these discounts on select days or for specific products.

The most nearly oppoite meaning of elite?

A choice or select body; the flower; as, the elite of society.

How do autocratic and democratic governments determine citizen participation?

Autocratic: government power high participation low and citizen participation absolute Oligarchic: Government power political power select and general citizen participation rule by a few Democratic: Government ruled by the people like the US Government power citizen participation I'm in gifted social studies

Which of the choices below describes a benefit of using a san select only one?

increases security by reducing the number of hands in the pot

What is an example of the elitist theory?

An example of the elitist theory is the concept that power in society is concentrated in the hands of a select, privileged few who make decisions that benefit themselves at the expense of the majority. This theory suggests that a small elite group exercises control over governmental decisions and policies in ways that maintain their status and influence.

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