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It is usually that they do this by raising taxes to control the companies who would expand space, for example raise the land price or make boundary laws so the company couldn't expand anymore

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Q: How can a government control private companies who wishes to develop an area?
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the government granted private corporations nearly 200 million acres of land to lay the tracks.

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YES Government should be involved in enforcing ethical practices in private companies because even in private companies, scientific advancement should not be placed above ethical codes that would be inhumane

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that there are private companies owned by people, and not the government.

Can a government company be a private company?

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No they are NOT OFFICIAL and yes this is done by private companies and no it does not add to the value of the coins.

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Public sectors are owned and/or serviced by the government. Private sector businesses are owned by individuals and do not pay a direct dividend to the government.

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