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In reality, the Supreme Court has a much more influential check over Congress (Judicial Review). But, I will list a few checks that the legislature has over the judiciary.

1) Congress can impeach Supreme Court Justices. If a justice takes too much liberty in judicial policymaking or more blatantly abuses his or her power, the House can impeach said justice, and the Senate will hear the trial and can remove the justice with a 2/3 vote. It is the same procedure for a presidential impeachment.

2) Supreme Court nominees must be approved by the Senate.

3) In exceedingly rare cases, Congress can pass amendments to the Constitution. Through judicial review, the Court can deem any law null and void if it conflicts with the Constitution. However, the Court cannot do so to an amendment, since, incidentally, it is now part of the Constitution itself.

4) Finally, Congress has influence over the Court's jurisdiction. Therefore, Congress can prevent a case from being heard in the Court. This circumvention is rare.

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They can't answer because the Supreme Court is the final say, but they can write a new law in response to counteract the ruling.

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Q: How can congress influence supreme court decisions?
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Which influences on congress has least influence?

The Supreme Court

What happens if the supreme court rules congress to be unconstitutional?

Since it is the Supreme Court that decides what is constitutional and what is not, the decisions of the Supreme Court cannot be unconstitutional, however, it is always possible for the Supreme Court to make new decisions which reverse older decisions. So in theory, if the Supreme Court does something wrong, they will be reversed by a later sitting of the same court (but with new judges).

What branch has responsibility for carrying out Acts of Congress or the decisions of the Supreme Court?

The Executive Branch

Who group within the Federal Government has the authority to limit the president's inherent powers?

The Supreme Court

What is the guiding force behind all supreme court decisions?

The guiding force in the US for US Supreme Court decisions is the US Constitution. The Supreme Court is one of the three major parts of the Federal government. Through the Congress, the Executive branch and the Court, a balance of power was created.

What was significant effect of Supreme Court decision under Chief Justice John Marshall?

The decisions of the Marshall Court established the Supreme Court as a branch of government equal to Congress and the Presidency.

What can Congress do to further enforce a decision made by the US Supreme Court?

Congress can attempt to rewrite the law so that it conforms with the Supreme Court's interpretation of the Constitution; or, they can abandon an ill-conceived law; or, they can attempt to call a Constitutional Convention or work with the states to amend the Constitution (the least likely and most time-consuming solution). Congress cannot nullify the Supreme Court decision, however. In most cases, they either rewrite or abandon the legislation. Congress also sometimes ignores Supreme Court decisions, although they are not supposed to.

How does the Supreme Court gain compliance with the decisions it issues?

The US Supreme Court lacks the ability to enforce its own decisions, which is a check on the Judicial Branch of government. The Executive Branch is vested with the authority and obligation to enforce Supreme Court decisions, and the Legislative branch can support a decision by passing laws upholding the Court's finding.

which statement accurately describes how congress and the supreme court influence U.S. immigration policy apex?

Congress passes laws to regulate immigration, while the supreme court determines whether the regulations are constitutional.

What is the difference between 'Supreme Court Report Annotated' and 'Supreme Court Decisions Annotated'?

Supreme Court Report Annotated is the name of the bound series of legal decisions of the Philippines Supreme Court. There is no publication specifically listed as Supreme Court Annotated Decisions or Supreme Court Decisions Annotated, except for a few US historical documents listed as Supreme Court Decisions [annotated].You didn't specify whether you were looking for official documentation for the Philippines or the United States. In the United States, the comparable, annotated volumes of Supreme Court decisions is called US Supreme Court Reports, lawyers' edition.

What decisions did the Supreme Court make?

The Supreme Court has made many decisions. Provide a case or subject and an answer can be given.

Are Texas trial courts decisions binding on the Texas Supreme Court?

No. The decisions of the Texas Supreme Court are binding on trial courts in Texas. That is why it is called the Supreme Court.