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By lobbying

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Q: How can consumers get the government to pass laws preventing companies from engaging in offensive behaviors?
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How can consumers get the government to pass laws preventing companies from engaging in offensive behaviours?

By lobbying

What would consumers use lobbying to accomplish?

the passage of new laws punishing offensive behaviors by companies

How is the Better Business Bureau able to protect consumers?

by alerting the public and the government to fraudulent companies

What are Benchmarks of government for consumers awareness?

Government benchmarks requires companies to disclose what is previously viewed as private information to the consumer. An example is companies selling food that have genetically been modified.

Why should consumers be cautious about comparisons in advertisements?

The U.S. government does not evaluate claims between rival companies.

What culture contribute to the preferences and behaviors of consumers?

value and belief

What does culture contribute to the preferences and behaviors of consumers?

Culture shapes consumers' preferences and behaviors by influencing their values, beliefs, and norms. It determines what is considered desirable or acceptable in a society. Cultural factors such as language, symbols, rituals, and traditions play a significant role in shaping consumer decisions and choices.

Does the federal government regulate consumers' access to their credit scores and reports?

The Federal Government passed a law so all consumers have free access to all of their credit history. They regulate these companies so they can not charge the consumers for this right.

Which of the following does culture contribute to the prefences and behaviors of consumers?

Culture contributes to the preferences and behaviors of consumers by shaping their values, beliefs, norms, and attitudes towards products and services. It influences their perception of what is desirable or acceptable, as well as their decision-making processes when making purchases. Additionally, culture plays a role in shaping consumer trends and influencing their buying habits.

The first substantial effort by congress to regulate the affairs of business resulted in?

the passage of the Sherman Antitrust Act in 1890. This legislation was aimed at preventing and restricting monopolistic practices that stifled competition and harmed consumers. It granted the federal government the power to investigate and prosecute companies engaged in anti-competitive behavior.

Why do companies collect information about consumers?

Because they want to effectively advertise to consumers

Why was the company Nielsen created?

The Nielsen Company was created to enable companies to understand consumers and consumer behaviors. The company headquarters are in New York, and Nielsen is active in over 100 countries with over 35,000 employees worldwide.