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well u can not i think but u can *67 someone and not show on caller ID

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Q: How can you call a number and it not show on your bill?
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When you call a number will it show on a cell phone bill?

Yes, it will show in phone memory and on the bill.

I need a number to call about my bill?

number to call about my bill

Do unlimited calls mean that the number of the call won t show up on the bill?

technically it honestly depends on the phone company you get your bill from. :P

Who can i call about my bill?

Call the telephone number printed on the bill to discuss it with the people issuing the bill.

If someone blocked their cell number to call your cell would it show up on the detailed bill?

Maybe not. On Cingular it lists it as your own number as an incoming call (IC) meaning it was not recorded. Confusing ain't it?

Will calling an 877 toll-free number generate a bill if the call is from Puerto Rico?

If you are calling a toll-free number from a landline in Puerto Rico, it will not show up on your bill, because there is no charge. If you are calling from a mobile phone (cell phone), the call may show up on your bill, because you are still using airtime minutes, even though there is no charge for the long distance.

A girl gave me a number that led to a LiveLinks call service. I am laughing about it but will I be charged any fees on my phone bill. Here is the number just in case 855-463-0831.?

Unless the number is toll-free - you will be billed - and it will show on your bill

Can you call someone but when it shows up on your bill it would show your number not the person you called almost like you called your own phone?

Not possible.

Does your number show up on the other persons phone bill if you hang up before they answer and the call does not go to voice mail?

No. Unless the person called has caller ID. Then the number will be displayed.

If you call someone from restricted will it show up on their bill?

yes, only if they answer.

Can unanswered private calls show up on their phone bill?

Not normally. The airtime of your call is billed by your cell service provider, not the person to whom you are calling. What will show up on "their" phone will is the airtime "they" used on "their" plan to talk to you. "They" would have no way of knowing what the charges were for "your" call to "them."

How do I get my Windstream account number?

You need to look at the bill you receive; the number will be located on the bill. You can also call the customer service telephone number.