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there are so many religion in India they have their there own language so it is difficult to understand

In foreign there are only two religion christain and Muslim and languages also either English or urdu

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I am relatively new to computers and the internet and the most obvious change made by computers is the language we use to communicate. The question phrased here is structured in the same way as many others are who all seem to be comfortably using the language they've been using, which is not the same language as American English language. This combined with computer jargon and iconography and it is in someways like being in a foreign country. Since I've first set up my first E-mail account only weeks ago, I've made contact with friends I haven't spoken to or written in over twenty years. The amount of research I can get done astounds me even now. The storage capacity has left me room in my office I otherwise wouldn't have. These are just a few of the changes that computers have facilitated the way I interact.

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go to face book or virtual world

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Q: How computer change the way interacts?
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When a user interacts with his computer he interacts directly with the kernel of the computer's operating system.?


When a user interacts with his computer he interacts directly with the kernel of the computers operating system?


A subject such as a person or computer program interacts with what?

Operating system

How does software inreract with computer?

The software is usually installed in a given operating system which then interacts with the computer.

What is unicasting and multicasting?

The terms Unicasting and Multicasting are used in computer networks. By Unicasting we mean that the communication is a One-to-One communication,ie. one computer interacts with just one other computer. by multicasting we mean that it is a One-to-Many the computer interacts with more than one computer on the network.

How the Operating System interacts with the computer hardware?

The operating system communicates to the computer hardware using the GUI program.

Sigourney Weaver interacts with a spaceship computer named MOTHER in this film?


WhAT part of the os interacts with hardware?

it is kernels dt iteract directly with computer hardware

What is the Best way to illustrate the way an enzyme interacts with another molecule?

rolling wheel

Which computer interacts with a television set?

To use a computer on a TV you need a coaxial cable or hdvga cable. You can look on your TV and find what cord it has and use it to connect to your computer.

What is involved with computer architecture?

Computer architecture is part of computer science and it involves detailing how the different parts of a computer work together. For example one would determine how the CPU interacts with other parts of the computer.

What are desktop operating environments hosted virtually on a different physical computer from the one with which the user interacts?