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Since your conscience is the part of your personality that differentiates right from wrong, if you are denied basic human rights you may come to believe that it is appropriate to deny others the same rights that you were denied. For example, if you were tortured, you may believe that it is acceptable to torture other people.

Different countries have different ideas on what constitutes "basic human rights"

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Q: How could denial of human rights affect a person's conscience?
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What is a sentence using denial?

He was denial of women rights. He was in denial of his committed bad deeds. He committed the act even though of his continuous denial.

What is a persons Rights?

A persons rights are that you are not allowed to be touched by anyone without your consent

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Anyone with a conscience would ask for gay rights.

Who called the fundamental rights as the conscience of the constitution?

Jawaharlal Nehru

What does the fifteenth amendment mean by extended voting rights to African Americans by outlawing denial of the right to vote on the basis of race color or previous servitude?

It means giving voting rights by making denial of the right to vote based on race illegal.

Should equal rights extend to sexual orientation?

Yes. There is no rational argument to support the denial of a person's rights based on their natural orientation.

Why do you have IO?

To protect the rights of U.S. persons

What is labor racketeering?

Labor racketeering is the domination, manipulation, and control of a labor movement in order to affect related businesses and industries. It can lead to the denial of workers' rights and inflicts an economic loss on the workers, business, industry, insurer, or consumer.

What is a sentence with the word denial?

* You are said to be in denial if you refuse to believe or accept that something is actually taking place or has actually taken place. * The jurors dismissed his denial of guilt and found him guilty of all charges. * Many rape victims remain in denial as a means of escaping pain and humiliation. * There are many types of denial of service attacks used by crackers on the internet. * A nation's denial of basic human rights is just cause for an embargo against them.

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Amnesty international fights for human rights and tries to free victims of conscience

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bill or rights

Is a ban on same-sex marriage a denial of civil rights or civil liberties?

Yes, it is denying civil liberies.