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Thomas Jefferson became president because the republicans knew he was much safer and less violent.

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He got to high levels in politics, and accomplished many unbelievable things such as the Declaration of Independence, and seemed to work harder than any other man.

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He never did.

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He was a president! Go study history, dummy.

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Q: How did Benjamin frankllin become president?
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Did Illinois become a state while Benjamin Franklin was president of the US?

Benjamin Franklin was not a president.

The president pro tempore of the Senate who expected to become president of the US?

Benjamin Wade

Who did Roosevelt refuse?

President Frankllin D. Roosevelt refused the Jews from The Holocaust, so they had to go back to Europe and suffer during the Holocaust.

Did Grover Cleveland or Benjamin Harrison become vice president?

Neither of them was ever a vice-president.

When did Benjamin Franklin become president of Pennsylvaina?

He Never was president P.S. dont you mean governor

Did Benjamin Harrison's son become a president?

No - his highest office was the Indiana legislature.

What founding fathers did not become president?

Benjamin Franklin and possibly John Jay.

The president pro tempore of the senate who hoped to become president of the US after Johnson's impeachment conviction?

Benjamin Wade

The first grandson that became president?

Benjamin Harrison was the first, and only, grandson of a formal president to become a president. He was the grandson of William Henry Harrison.

Who was the Vice President after Benjamin Harrison?

Benjamin Harrison was the 23rd President of the US and his Vice President was Levi Morton.Grover Cleveland, who was President before Harrison, beat him in 1888 to become President again. Cleveland's Vice President for his second term was Adlai Stevenson (grandfather of the later Democratic candidate and UN Ambassador).

Who was president before Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin was never President.

What led Benjamin Harrison to become a president?

He wanted to follow in his great grandfather and grandfathers foot steps