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She had lung cancer.

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Q: How did Elizabeth Checkley Adams die?
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Was Sam Adams married?

yeahh twince Elizabeth Checkley then Elizabeth Wells.

When did Elizabeth Checkley die?

Samuel Adam's first wife, Elizabeth Checkley, was born in 1725 and passed away on July 25, 1757. She and Adams were married in October of 1749.

Did Samuel Adams have a wife?

Yes. Her name was Elizabeth Checkley.

What year was Samuel Adams get married with Elizabeth Checkley?


When did Elizabeth Checkley marry Samuel Adams?

They were married in 1749.

Who was Samuel Adams mom?

His first wife's name was Elizeath Checkley. She died. His second wives name was Betsy Wells.

How many times was Samuel Adams married?

Samuel Adams was married twice. He was married to Elizabeth Checkley in 1749. After her death in 1757, it would be some time before he married Elizabeth Wells in 1764.

How many wives did Samuel Adams have?

Founding Father Samuel Adams was married two times. His first wife was Elizabeth Checkley and his second wife Elizabeth Wells.

When did A. Elizabeth Adams die?

A. Elizabeth Adams died in 1962.

How many kids did Sam Adams have?

Sam Adams's first wife, Elizabeth Checkley, gave birth to seven children, only two of whom survived into adulthood (Samuel and Hannah). An eighth child was stillborn. Adams' second wife, Elizabeth Wells, was childless.

Who was the oldest of Samuel Adams kids?

Samuel Adams married his pastor's daughter, Elizabeth Checkley, in October 1749. She would give birth to six children over the next seven years but only two lived to adulthood, Samuel (b. 1751) and Hannah (b. 1756). Elizabeth died in 1757 after giving birth to a stillborn child. Adams remarried in 1764 to Elizabeth Wells but had no more children.

What year did Elizabeth wells Adams Die?

Elizabeth wells died in 1808.