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He persuaded the governor of Virginia that he was right. Clark raised an army. He and his men captured British in the West.

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He sied

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Q: How did George Rogers Clark defend the Western frontier?
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When did George Rogers Clark die?

George Rogers Clark (November 19, 1752 - February 13, 1818) was a surveyor, soldier, and leader and the brother of William Clark (of the Lewis and Clark expedition). Clark participated in Lord Dunmore's War and gained recognition as an Indian fighter. Clark formed the Kentucky Militia to defend settlers from the Indian raids. At the age twenty- three, he was named captain of the militia and a delegate to the Virginia legislature. On June 26, 1778 Clark and one hundred seventy- five men traveled on the Ohio River to Kaskaskia. They surprised the fort at Kaskaskia on July 4, 1778, and they took the fort and town without firing a shot. On July 5, 1778 Clark captured Fort Cahokia from the British. On February 23, 1779 Clark's army entered Vincennes and surrounded the fort. On February 25, 1779 Hamilton surrendered and in 1783 and1784, he was named surveyor of the public lands for men who served in the Virginia in military forces.

What did Washington add to the oath of office?

His name, for example " I, George Washington do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

What disadvantges did the patriots have in the beginning of the Revolutionary war?

Their disadvantages were simply the lack of supplies that wasn't supplied to their army. In which their economy were also low. They had only one advantage is that they get to fight on their home land.

How did Henry Hamilton relate to the American Revolution?

Henry Hamilton was the Lieutenant Governor of the newly acquired (for the British) Northwest territory. His headquarters was at Fort Detroit and the American Revolution had already begun when he took his post. During the war Gov. Hamilton spurred the Native American tribes to attack the American colonists in Pennsylvania and Virginia (which included Kentucky and West Virginia). To defend themselves against these attacks and to acquire as much of the vast Northwest territory for themselves, Virginia launched a small campaign led by Col. George Rogers Clark against the tribes and Hamilton. This led, eventually, to Hamilton's defeat and capture at Vincennes.

What does the President promise to do in his oath of office?

He promises to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

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Why george rogers clark thought the frontier was important to defend?

He sied

Why did george rogers clark think the frontier was important to defend?

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Why do you think Rogers Clark thought the frontier was important to defend?

He sied

How did Mexicans encourage Americans settlements in Texas?

Mexico needed American settlers to help defend its Texas frontier.

Which group was re-established to defend frontier in Texas?

Buffalo soldiers

Defend the British decision to ban colonists from setting on the western frontier?

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Who did Robert Dinwiddie send to defend the Ohio valley from the french?

George Washington

Why did George Washington decide to defend New York city?

George Washington decided to defend New York because he realized that New york was a big part of the us beacause they imported tons of tea and goods

Which Roman Emperor built a wall in England marking the furthest extent of the Roman Empire?

Emperor Hadrian - the wall also served to defend the Northern frontier from attack.

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