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In George Washington, the troops found someone who made them believe in themselves. Without the confidence that they could win it, they would never have won

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killing eachother

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Q: How did George Washington's leadership help the colonists win the revolutionary war?
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Who provided political leadership to the colonists during the Revolutionary War?

Thomas Jefferson

What was George washingtons job during revolutionary war?

He was a Commander( i think )

Who is a Hessian mercenary from george washingtons socks?

Hessian soldiers were mercenary German soldiers, meaning they were paid to fight on another country's behalf. They fought against the American colonists, on the side of the British, in the Revolutionary War.

What was george washingtons military tiltle during the Revolutionary War?

fairly sure he was a general during the revolution

Who was the Virginian who was brought to the forefront of revolutionary leadership?

george washington

Who was George Washingtons commander during the revolutionary war?

George Washington was the general of the Continental Army, he was the highest rank. Therefore, he had no commander.

One of the reasons for the Patriots' victory during the Revolutionary War was that they had the leadership of?

George Washington

Who did the American colonists learn their fighting techniques during the revolutionary war?

George Washington

What two revolutionary leaders had the most influence on the colonists?

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

What was the first war that George Washington won?

The revolutionary war between the British and the colonists.

What is George Washingtons army tent?

George Washington Army Tent refers to the tent that campers put up when they go to the wild. This is in reference to the tent that George Washington did build during the American Revolutionary War.

Why Washington monument was built?

The Washington Monument was built to commemorate George Washington for his leadership in the Revolutionary War.