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Many German immigrants were Lutherans who immigrated to Australia to escape the persecution. Thanks to wealthy Scottish businessman and chairman of the South Australian Company, George Fife Angas, a deal was struck by Pastor August Kavel to start a new Lutheran settlement in South Australia. Later, in many cases, the German immigrants settled in areas which, by their landscape, reminded them of their homeland.

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The Germans settled in the Midwest, the Irish settled in the Northeast.

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People settled in Germany because there was food and water. This land also had job opportunities to those who settled there.

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Q: How did German and Irish immigrants differ in where they settled?
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Where in Texas did the Irish settle?

They settled in the west, where there was cheap land so that they could farm like they did in Ireland. The Irish settled in Branfelt, Dallas, and Houston once they got to Texas.

Who were the alien and sedition acts primarily aimed at?

They were aimed mostly at French and Irish immigrants.

Where did different groups of immigrants settle in the US in 1820-1860?

During the period between 1820 and 1860, the Irish represented the largest group of immigrants coming to the United States. Since they frequently came with little or no money, they usually stayed in the cities where they hoped to get jobs in factories. The other substantial group of immigrants during the period were the Germans, who usually came with some money and were able to pursue an agrarian lifestyle in the northwest.

What was the Know Nothing Party?

The Know Nothing movement was a nativist American political movement of the 1840s and 1850s. It was empowered by popular fears that the country was being overwhelmed by German and Irish Catholic immigrants, who were often regarded as hostile to Anglo-Saxon Protestant values and controlled by the Pope in Rome

How did Americans react to the Irish immigrants and what laws were passed?

As Irish immigration in America was rising due to the potato famine, a thing called nativism was occurring. Nativism was the defense of native-born people(Americans), but hostility to the foreign born(Irish). Nativists were racist and claimed that the Irish were stealing jobs from the native labor force. So, the Native American Party(no affliction with Indians) rose up to challenge this "alien menace." There were also known as the Know-Nothings. They didn't really do much damage and subsided as the Whigs came to power. I believe no laws were passed. All this was happening during Jackson's presidency.

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the anwnser was Irish and German

Where did the settlers of the middle colonies come from?

Many of the settlers that settled in the middle colonies were Dutch people from the Netherlands or Sweden. There were also German and Irish immigrants who settled in the middle colonies.

Where did most Irish immigrants settled in the?

In the east part of the us

In the 18th century people settled in the backcountry of the colonies because land was available there for settlement?

Scotish-Irish people originally from Scotland, German immigrants, and people from Virginia.

What 2 groups of immigrants settled in the Shenandoah Valley?

Germans and Scotch-Irish

Most of the immigrants coming to the US in the mid 1800s were English Irish and?

Most of the immigrants coming to the United States in the mid 1800s were English, Irish, and _______.IMPROVED ANSWER:The answer is German.

What were immigrants in the second wave of immigration?

Irish & German -Apex (:

Many immigrants in the second wave of immigration?

Irish and german

Did the German and Irish immigrants ever intermarry with Americans?


Was the Irish immigrants more skilled than German immigrants?

no and theyll never be they will never even have the idea to think on it they are nothing to the German

What were most immigrants in the second wave of immigration?

Irish & German -Apex (:

Did most Irish immigrants come in 1840 or 1920?

1840 also there were many german immigrants that came about that time