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They settled in the west, where there was cheap land so that they could farm like they did in Ireland.

The Irish settled in Branfelt, Dallas, and Houston once they got to Texas.

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Q: Where in Texas did the Irish settle?
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Did the Irish settle in Texas?

Yes. Around the year 1850.

Where did the Irish people settle in Texas?

they were one of the first spanish Texas settlers which might have been in about the 1700's

Did the Irish Immigrants settle in Texas?

Yes they have. InHouston, Dallas, and New Braunfels.

Where did the German and Scotch Irish settle?

what di the scotch -irish homes look like

What is an Irish Texans fact when they came to Texas?

They were Irish

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Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow.

What region did the the Scots-irish settle in?

valley and ridge

Why did the Irish settle in Ontario and Newfoundland?

no one knows

Why is Stephen F. Austin known as the father of Texas?

He took the first group of settlers to Texas to settle.

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When did Steven F. Austin receive permission from Mexico to settle in Texas?

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Where did Czech settle in Texas?

The Czech Republic settled in West Texas