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He asked the rich to invest in the government. By investing in the new government, he knew that they would work for the government to ensure prosperity.

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Q: How did Hamilton use the power of government to aid businessmen?
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The power to lay and collect taxes

Why did Hamilton believe a federal bank was needed?

Alexander Hamilton felt it was necessary for the country to have a banking system run by the federal government rather than state banks in order to aid the government's fiscal operations and to help unify the nation's credit and capital markets.

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Yes, because if the company is failing, there will be lots of people who don't have any work. Government should aid the failing companies. If government don't aid the failing companies, there will be lots of unemployment and also not just that but, there will be lesser purchasing power which is bad for the country. Because Government get income usually form taxes.

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In the period1865 to 1900 How did the US government aid development of the west from?

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