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He organized a political resistance group based on Islam

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Q: How did Hasan al-Banna respond to the British occupation of Egypt?
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How did hasan al banna respond to the british occupation of Egypt?

He organized a political resistance group based on Islam

What is the main occupation in Egypt?


What was Cleopatra's occupation?

Queen of Egypt

Was Egypt controlled by France in the mid-1800s?

No. France under Napoleon controlled Egypt from 1798-1801, but from 1801-1867, Egypt was an Ottoman Eyalet (Province of the Ottoman Empire), from 1867-1882, Egypt was a quasi-independent Khedivite Sultanate under Ottoman Suzerainity. After 1882, Egypt came under British Occupation.

What was EUCLID's occupation?

in africa near a mouse in egypt

British imperialism in Egypt?

yes, British imperialism in Egypt. not now but in the past there was.

When was British University in Egypt created?

British University in Egypt was created in 2005-09.

British colonies in north Africa?

Egypt (it was actually a protectorate, but it was the northernmost British African Colony)

Which civilization had the greatest impact Egypt or Africa?

react to the assertion that the occupation of egypt was the greatest for scramble for africa

When did egypt leave the british empire?

Egypt was under British rule for a number of years. British rule began in Egypt in 1882 and lasted until 1952 and the Egyptian Revolution.

What is British University in Egypt's motto?

The motto of British University in Egypt is 'Learn How to Think not What to Think'.

Who is a national folk hero of Egypt?

One of the national folk heroes of Egypt is Ahmed Orabi, a military leader who led the revolt against British occupation in the late 19th century. He is remembered for his role in advocating for Egyptian independence and is celebrated for his resistance against colonial rule.