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Positive effects of Imperialism in Egypt are the industrialization of the nation and better sanitation and education. Negative effects are the amount of money that had to be paid to the British and that the British brought new disease.

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Negative: loss of culture, the country was split up and no longer unified

Positive: advanced in technology, medicine, education

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The negative effects were they didn't give Vern her caffeine, there was a riot on their hands. The positive effects were they gave Vern her caffeine and she only killed two people.

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Q: What were the positive and negative efects of imperialsim on EGypt?
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The decrease in the pharaohs' power had a positive or negative effect on Egypt?

positive i think

What were the negative and positive effects imperialism in Egypt?

What were the positive and negative effects of imperialism in Cuba?

What were the negative and positive effects of the indus river valley?

Positive effect - protects Egypt from Invasions Negative effect - yearly floods damage buildings and kill plants

What are the positive effects of the Sahara desert?

It protected Egypt from invaders. A negative effect is that it limited communication.

Was the Suez canal a negative or positive thing for Egypt?

Negative because it employed much labor from the Egyptian people and it put the Egyptian people in debt to the British who, after not having sufficient funds to finish the canal, occupied Egypt after halting construction.

How did government of ancient Egypt impact people positive and negative?

The social classes impacted Egypt both positively and negatively. It gave Egypt a proper community to strive on. Also it s positive because everyone has a role to play in a life of an Egyptian. It impacted Negatively because everyone was bossed around to their specific duty

What is a red plant in ancient Egypt?

A red plant in ancient Egypt is papyrus, and yes, I AM POSITIVE!

What are the positive effects of travel tourism in Egypt?

its hot

What were the effects of imperialism in egypt?

Imperialism in Egypt was positive because the Lord Cromer built a dam at Aswan to improve agriculture. It was a negative for Egypt because there was a lack of education beside elementary and technical education and the economic and social life were controlled by the British agents.

Is it going to go to negative 15 Celsius in 2011?

Well below that in the antarctic, nowhere near that in Egypt.

What is a fact about upper Egypt?

The main city of upper Egypt was nekhen.i am poitive this is how you spell so don't think it is not right.i am positive it was the city so don't think im wrong!

How did Cleopatra impact Egypt?

Cleopatra's impact on Egypt was negative. She raised the taxes in order to pay off her father's debt. She allowed the country's infrastructure to crumble and she eventually lost the entire country to Rome.