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According to my view, by the different mortality and especial work did by indian to Islam like looking over the patient( doctor) Indian originated numerals which were

translated in Arabic music influenced a lot to the Arabic people.

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Although Hinduism was widely followed in India, not everyone agreed with its beliefs. Some unsatisfied people and groups looked for new religious ideas. Two such groups were the Jains (JYNZ), believers in a religion called Jainism (JY-niz-uhm), and the Sikhs (SEEKS), believers in Sikhism (SEEK-iz-uhm).

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Sikhism incorporated spiritual beliefs from both Hinduism and Islam

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Q: How did Hinduism and Islam influence the development of Sikhism?
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Sikhism combines aspects of Hinduism and?

Sikhism 'blended' the beliefs of Islam and Hinduism.

What faith blended Islam and Hinduism?

SIKHISM is commonly considered to be a blend of Islam and Hinduism.

What is the religion that blends Hinduism and Islam?


What religion belieft has the most in common with Sikhism?

Sikhism is the combination of Hinduism and Islam, combining the beliefs of Hinduism, but having the belief in one God like in Islam.

What describes a major religious contribution of Muslim conquest of parts of India and Pakistan?

The development of Sikhism, which was influenced by both Hinduism and Islam

What is the 5 major religions?

Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, & Sikhism.

What are the major religions in inda?

Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Jainism

Sikhism is a small compromise religion that arose from the confrontation between Hinduism and?


Is islam and hinduism religions in India?

Yes, along with Sikhism and other religions.

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What cultures have coming of age ceremonies?

sikhism, hinduism, islam, buddism, juadiasm

Is Islam born first or Hinduism?

Hinduism is possibly the most ancient formal religion still practised. It is thousands of years older than Islam.