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she died of old age

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Q: How did Mary Ludwig hays mccauley die?
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When did Mary Ludwig Hays' son die?

When he was young.

Where did Mary Hays Mccauley die?

in pensylvania of a heart attack and seziure and lukeima

When did Molly Pitcher's first husband die?

Not a lot is known about John McCauley, Mary Ludwig Hays' second husband. History only records that he simply 'disappeared' sometime between 1807 and 1810 and that the time they spent together was not pleasant. His fate is not known.

When did Mary Hays husband die?

he died in 1786

When did Mary hays die?

she died January 22 1832

How did Mary Ludwig Hays Mcaughy die?

I found that she died 'at an advanced age' but no further information so far. So - being in her 70's - dying of old age would seem appropriate.

When did Mary Ludwig die?

Mary Ludwig was also known as Molly Pitcher. Molly (Mary) was born in 1754 and died on January 22, 1832 at the age of 78.

How did Molly Pitcher die Mary Ludwig?

Mary Ludwig was her real name. she used to carry pitchers of water to dehydrated soldiers in the battle of monmouth. thus the name 'Mary pitcher' or 'molly pitcher'. hope that helps!

When did Daniel McCauley die?

Daniel McCauley died in 1894.

When did Johnny McCauley die?

Johnny McCauley died in 2012.

How did Mary Hays die?

She was delivering water during a war and she was running, got tired and stepped in front of a firing cannon.

When did Harold W. McCauley die?

Harold W. McCauley died in 1983.