When did William hays die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He died three years after he and his wife came home after the USA won Independence.

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Q: When did William hays die?
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William Shakespeare Hays died in 1907.

When did William Hercules Hays die?

William Hercules Hays died in 1880.

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William Torrance Hays was born in 1837.

When was William Hercules Hays born?

William Hercules Hays was born in 1820.

Was William hays in the battle of Monmouth?

yes William hays was in the battle of monmouth

When did Mary Hays marry William Hays?

Mary married William in 1767

When was William Shakespeare Hays born?

William Shakespeare Hays was born in 1837.

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William L. Hays has written: 'Statistics for psychologists. Exercises [by] William L. Hays [and] William M. Petrusic' -- subject(s): Psychometrics

Was Mary Hays married to William?


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Ethel Hays died in 1989.

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