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Later in life and after the death of his beloved wife, Hershey became famous for spending a lot of his energy (and of his profits) on the welfare of his workers. Before that, working conditions in his company were not in generally known as markedly better than those of similar companies, but neither were they below-average.

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Q: How did Milton Hershey treat his workers?
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What is Milton Snavely Hershey's address?

He did live in the town of hershey, ( of corse he did, he built it for his workers )

How did Milton Hershey feel about his workers?

Milton Hershey was known for caring about the well-being of his workers. He provided them with good wages, housing, and recreational facilities to improve their quality of life. Hershey believed that happy workers lead to a successful business.

Is the Hershey Co owned by a larger Co?

No, it was created my Milton S. Hershey, and he passed it down to his workers when he died.

Who created Hershey chocolate?

The inventor of Hershey's Chocolate is Milton Hershey. He was Born September 13, 1857 and Died in 1945 in Hershey, Pennsilvania.

Who is Serina Hershey?

the sister of Milton Hershey.

Is Milton Hershey single?

No, Milton Hershey is not single.

When did Milton Hershey found Hershey company?

Milton Hershey found Hershey company in 1876.

What did Milton Hershey do?

Milton S. Hershey created the town of Hershey on the success of his Hershey bars

Where did Hershey come from?

Milton Hershey created his factory there, and the town was built around it to support the facory workers and their families. Now, it is a large town and is also a very popular tourist spot.

When Milton hershey create Milton hershey school?

Milton Hershey School was created on 1909-11-15.

What did Milton S Hershey do?

Milton S. Hershey created the town of Hershey on the success of his Hershey bars

How did Milton Hershey feel about his workers What facts in the story support your answer?

Milton Hershey cared about his workers and was known for his progressive employee policies including implementing a profit-sharing program, offering healthcare benefits, and building affordable housing for his employees. These actions demonstrate his concern for the well-being and happiness of his workers.