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How did Nancy Hart kill 3 british soldiers?

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Q: How did Nancy hart kill 3 birtish soldiers?
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Who was Nancy Morgan hart?

Nancy Ann Morgan Hart is a heroine in the Revolutionary War. She managed to kill a Tory(5 or 6) of British soldiers, that entered her home. When they set their weapons down( the soldiers) Nancy was secretly pushing one of the men's guns through a hole in the wall. And did I mention when she set her daughter to get water to feed the soldiers, Nancy told her to blow a conch to warn the neighbors and her husband. When her husband came back he wanted to shoot them all, but she insisted them to be hanged( the non-already-killed-soldiers). They were then hanged by a near by tree.Resourse :Wikipedia

Why did Nancy Hart kill Tories?

She killed them because they were demanding her last bit food so they can be fed. I have a question... When did she kill them?

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