How did Otis boykin die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Otis Boykin died of a heart attack

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Q: How did Otis boykin die?
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Where did Otis boykin die?

Otis boykin died of heart failure in Chicago, Illinios, 1982.

What type of guided missiles did Otis Boykin?

Otis Boykin

When was Otis Boykin born?

Otis Boykin was born on August 29, 1920.

What day did Otis Boykin die?

Saturday the 13th of March 1982.

What age did Otis boykin die at?

Otis Boykin died of a heart failure in 1982, on March 13.

Did Otis boykin children?

Otis F Boykin had a daughter, named Carmen, one of Otis's brother was named Willard Boykin. Willard is my mother's father, her name was Donna Boykin. and I am her son Robert P. Bourbon II.

What did Otis boykin invetion?

Otis Frank Boykin invented the Pacemaker and burglar proof cash register

What did Otis boykin create?

Otis Boykin is best known for creating the resistor. The resistor is used in both televisions and radios. Otis Boykin worked at P. J. Nilsen Research Laboratories.

What is Otis boykin famous for?

Otis boykin invented and improved electrical resistor and a control unit for peace makers

What is Otis boykin?

cookie monster

Did Otis boykin get married?


What was the month and day of Otis Boykin's death?

Boykin died of a heart failure in 1982