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Solomon Radasky died because of old age and starvation

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he was Born in 1910 in Warsaw

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Q: How did Solomon Radasky die?
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What day did Solomon Radasky die?

March 12, 1965

Is Solomon radasky dead?

yes he is:(

What was Solomon Radasky best known for?

Mr.Solomon Radasky is known for surviving the holocaust. Mr.Solomon Radasky is known for surviving the holocaust.

At what age did Solomon radasky die?

I was unable to find anything about a "Solomon Radasky". Salman Rushdie, the author of the "Satanic Verses" is still alive and well. He died at age 92 on Sunday August 4, 2002

When was Holocaust Survivor Solomon Radasky Liberated?

Solomon Radasky left Dachau on the 26th or the 27th of April, 1945. He was liberated on May 1st.

Is Solomon Radasky's son in North Carolina?

He is.

Where did Solomon radasky hide?

he is a Jew that survived

How did Solomon radasky survive the Holocaust?


When did Solomon radasky die?

my life might end here but my life will be reconiced in the future who ever read this will hear my life

What was Solomon radasky school life like?

Solomon Radasky's school life was challenging as he had to bravely fight discrimination to attend an all white high school in Little Rock, Arkansas.

How old was Solomon radasky during the Holocaust?

he was 18 yrs old

What is the name of Solomon radasky kids?