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Through excise taxes (taxes on businesses), import/export taxes, transaction taxes (taxes on property transfers), sales taxes, property taxes, etc. etc. The government has taxed pretty much everything throughout its time. Heck, they even tax your property when you die (estate taxes).

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The following site will answer your question. It has the entire history of the US tax system.

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Q: How did US federal government raise money before income tax?
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What is mean by income tax?

It is what the federal or state government charges you on your income. (the money you earn) It is a percentage of your income. It mean the tax youse has to pay on youse income.

Why does the state government receive all of their money from the federal government?

The state governments do not receive all their money from the Federal government. The majority of their funds come from state income taxes, property taxes and sales taxes.

Before the Constitution was in effect how did the Federal Government get its money?


A sum of money placed on a person property or income of an individual by government?

The sum of money placed on a persons property or income by the government is referred to as taxes. In the United States, these taxes are federal and state taxes.

Which federal tax raises the largest amount of money each year?

Federal Income tax is the largest tax for the government, it raises more money then anything else.

Does income tax money go to the federal reserve?

Not all income tax goes to the Federal reserve but all money that goes to the Federal reserve comes from income tax.

How does government collect public money?

The government collects money through taxes. Every time you are paid at work you pay a Federal Income Tax. When you buy items at the store you are paying the government.

What happens to the money that your employer withholds from you paycheck?

Your employer sends it to the federal government to help your income tax bill

Can your federal income tax return be held if you owe money for unpaid tickets?

Sure. Any debt to a government agency can be taken in order to pay such debts. Government agencies can place a tax lien on your refund for federal or state income taxes.

What is taxed income?

Income tax is the tax that the government takes out of the income you earn. It is the main form of taxes that the government receives from you. This money is used to pay for infrastructure, military, government employees, government programs such as welfare or grants, and anything else the government needs to pay for. The amount of taxes that are taken out of your paycheck depends on the income bracket in which you stand. Typically, if you make more money, you will be taxed a higher percentage.

What is an example of delegated power given to the federal government?

The power to engage in war. The power to levy income tax.

No longer on Social Security but owe can your income tax be garnished?

Yes. If you owe the federal government money, the Department of the Treasury can withhold your income tax refund to satisfy the debt.