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He changed the rules by fighting the british by fighting during Christmas, adn in horrible weather. None would ever have a battle on bad weather because back then they had to carry all their weapons and they didnt wan to pull allk their heavy weapond in the snow, rain exc. they also fought on Christmas because Washington kinda knew that the British would be sorta drunk so it was basiclly an easy fight.

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Q: How did Washington change the rules of fighting in the battle of Trenton Christmas 1776?
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What battle did Washington troops defeated the hessians on the day after Christmas?

The Battle of Trenton and Princeton. But it's mostly known as the Battle of Trenton.

What tactics did Washington use in the battle of Trenton?

Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas and surrounded the hessions

How did George Washington do with the battle at Trenton NJ?

at the battle of Trenton George Washington waited until Christmas night, then when the British were drunk, went across the Delaware river and ambushed the British

Why are the hessians involved in the battle of Trenton?

They were working for the British and Washington attacked their positions in Trenton on Christmas Eve while they were not expecting an attack.

Why was the winter of 1776-1777?

George Washington won the battle of trenton on Christmas Day of 1776.

A surprise attack on Christmas night won this battle for Washington and the colonist?

The surprise attack on Christmas night 1776 was the first major victory by the colonial army headed y George Washington. The group of troops from Trenton , NJ surprised the Hessian forces who were groggy after the Christmas celebrations.

What was the British strategy in the battle of Trenton?

It was Christmas night, and George Washington and his troops thought it would be a good idea ambush the Hessian's because since it was Christmas night them wouldn't be armed. so they crashed the Christmas party and ambushed them and won the battle of Trenton

What battle a surprise attack on Christmas day?

During the American Revolution, George Washington crossed the Deleware River on Christmas. The actual battle, known as the Battle of Trenton, occured on December 26, the day after Christmas.

What was the Battle when the continental army crossed the Delaware and surprised the Hessians?

Washington crossed the Delaware River on Christmas Day in 1776. They defeated the Hessians in an encounter known as the Battle of Trenton.

Which battle did Washington win?


Who was the American leader at the battle of Trenton?

The American leader for the Battle of Trenton was General George Washington.

What battle did the Americans fight the day after Christmas?

The battle of Trenton