How did YouTube start?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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well to be honest (its kindof a wierd and funny story) i heard a guy in highschool was bored and started YouTube...and i have a theory

maybe youtube and Google where 2 different companies and i think google bought youtube

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Q: How did YouTube start?
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Why did YouTube start?

because the creators of YouTube wanted somewhere to post the videos they took

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Cimorelli started posting covers on Youtube in 2009.

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Youtube does not charge for video uploads.

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Itsfunneh started her youtube career on September 1, 2011

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It will not cost you anything to start a YouTube gaming channel. YouTube is free for users as of 2013.

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Dont really need money to start your youtube channel but for your channel promotion you will need money for that

How do you get internet for ipod touch?

well when you start off,you get a few apps. 2 of them are safari and youtube. safari is internet and youtube is well youtube!!!

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start by getting a web cam. after get an account on youtube then you can proceed

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