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Yes very

30 years of prison

10,000$ USD fine

Or house arrest , it depends on the judge just dont do it


While it may be illegal to upload films to YouTube, it is not illegal to simply watch them. Youtube is free and can be accessed by any one with a computer or mobile device. It would be impossible to arrest & prosecute every Youtube user that simply watches things on the site.

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Watching TV on YouTube is not illegal. However, there are some companies that do not allow streaming of their programs especially the paid TVs.

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Q: Is watching tv on YouTube illegal?
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Is watching anime illegal?

of course not! Some of it can be violent or graphic though, but it's definitely not illegal.

Which changes led to more Americans watching professional sports in the early 1900s?

Very few sports were professional in 1900. The invention of TV contributed to surge in watching of football starting in the late 1960's. Fighting was always on TV since the 1950's and use to be on every Friday night. Today basketball and football replace the Friday Night Fights. As TV has gotten better and there are more channels to watch it has allowed sports only channels to be on the dial. The more people watching the more is made by the franchises and added into the mix the things like Super Bowl also are able to draw people. Now, the NFL is running camps for kids to get them into football and boost their future ticket buyers. The NFL made 64 billion last year and none of it was taxed. Making money like that is also power.

How much sleep did people 100 years ago get?

The expectation is that we sleep about 20% less then 100 years ago. This is due to the imitation light in houses that influences our melatonin levels. 100 years ago we did not have a light source such as a television that bombards the brain with signals and light. Research has shown that watching television before going to bed can influence the sleep hormone melatonin drasticly. See the related link.

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How did YouTube start?

well to be honest (its kindof a wierd and funny story) i heard a guy in highschool was bored and started youtube...and i have a theorymaybe youtube and google where 2 different companies and i think google bought youtube

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Is watching a tv show on videobb illegal?

It is not illegal as long as you do not download anything.

Is watching tv online illegal?

Depends on where you watch it. Some websites have pirated copies which are illegal. But watching them is not illegal. You are free to watch them if you like.

How you open a free TV watching in your computer?

You can get a Netflix movie watch or watch trails and episodes from YouTube

How do you make a youtube video of Harry Potter?

You record the movie off your TV. or wherever you are watching it, and upload the video.

Where can you see New Moon no download or pay?

It is illegal to watch it online for no pay, unless you go on YouTube. I hope that you have noticed that the user that posted the movie could be arrested, and it is illegal, but you cannot be arrested for simply watching it. Although, Netflix has the full movie, if you pay a certain amount of money a month to watch it online- or get it hooked up to your television.

What show was Ricky watching on the tv on the hood of his car in season 3 episode 1?

"The Littlest Hobo". Few episodes on YouTube.

Where can i watch the vampire's assistant?

Whenever it comes on your television programming, not going to state out any illegal means of watching it bro. ;3

What are you supposed to do on a one direction channel?

depends on what kind... youtube-watching video diarys,contests,and announcement TV-watch their show if they had one

Can I use internet on 3D TV?

Yes. Watching YouTube and Netflix on a 3D TV requires Smart TV feature, which is included in LG and Samsung 3D TVs (I'm not too sure about other brands but I'm sure they do too). LG already had YouTube and Netflix apps on its 3D TVs and Samsung has recently added YouTube to its TVs.

Are free online movies illegal?

If you are watching movies online that are still in theaters or are not out on DVD, you're receiving stolen goods. Go to the motion picture association of America website to get a list of legal movie sites.

Why is it illegal to watch eclipse on internet?

It depends on the concept. If you have downloaded the film and not paid any money then there is a high chance it could be illegal. However, watching it on websites such as youtube without downloading it is not considered to be illegal for the viewer.

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The continuous tense has a verb phrase - be + present participle.Present contiuous = am/is/are + present I am watching TV. She is watching TV, They are watching TV.Past contiuous = was/were +present I was watching TV. She was watching TV. They were watching TV.