How did bonifacio died?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He was said to have been hacked to death with bolos and bayonets by Macapagal's soldiers.

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Q: How did bonifacio died?
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When did Procopio Bonifacio die?

Procopio Bonifacio died in 1897.

When did Natale Bonifacio die?

Natale Bonifacio died in 1592.

When did Francesco Bonifacio die?

Francesco Bonifacio died in 1946.

When did Bonifacio Flores Arevalo die?

Bonifacio Flores Arevalo died in 1920.

When did Bonifacio del Carril die?

Bonifacio del Carril died in 1994.

When did Francesco Paolo Bonifacio die?

Francesco Paolo Bonifacio died in 1989.

Where was Andres Bonifacio buried?

Andres Bonifacio was buried in Maragondon, Cavite, Philippines.

How old was Andrés Bonifacio at death?

Andrés Bonifacio died on May 10, 1897 at the age of 33.

When did Bonifacio de Blas y Muñoz die?

Bonifacio de Blas y Muñoz died in 1880.

Where was Andres Bonifacio killed?

At a mountain called mt buntis he died with his brother their in a shot to his brother and a stab to andres bonifacio.

Why do we celebrate Bonifacio day?

bonifacio day is totally different because heroes are often remembered on the day they died and not on the day they born.

Who killed bonifacio?

Andres Bonifacio y de Castro died on May 10, 1897. He was captured and tried for treason and was executed in the mountains.