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other states

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Q: How did central government receive money?
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Can a peson receive money from the government for being short?


How do households receive money from the government?

Households receive money from the government that is also known as government assistance. They can receive it in the form of food stamps, public housing, section 8, social security, and unemployment. To receive this kind of help you would have to go through social services.

Why does the state government receive all of their money from the federal government?

The state governments do not receive all their money from the Federal government. The majority of their funds come from state income taxes, property taxes and sales taxes.

What was the source of fear of a weak central government?

They feared that the states would not hold together and break off into other countries. States under a weak central government could make their own money and have laws contrary to the central government.

What honor did Columbus receive from the Spanish government?

money and other riches

How can the government issue the Fiat money at first?

the government can issue and circulate the fiat money by selling the government bond to the central bank in exchange for the exactly same amount of fiat money.

Was the called for representation in congress by population or by the amount of money given by the central government?

The Virginia Plan called for representation in Congress by population or by the amount of money given to the central government.

How does the government receive funds?

The Government gets their money from all of us paying our taxes, such as carbon taxes.

How much money does President Obama receive from Federal Government?

400,000 to 500,000

How much money does the Australian government receive from live animal exports?


What is the purpose of the website Money Central Market?

Money Central Market was a money exchanging website however it has been shutdown, and the domain name seized by the US government after being identified as fraudulent.

What government is separated between a central location and several regional locations?

because of there is no controlling money the people will lost the money and the government will distroy and the nation will lost