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There was a great impact of colonial rule on pastoral community. Under colonial rule there life changed dramatically . Due to the colonial rule their grazing ground shrank as the colonial states were trying to bring most of the land under cultivation. The revenue they had to pay increased because land revenue was the only source of income for the colonial states.They wanted to increase cultivated areas so as to increase revenue and most probably they can produce more jute,cotton,wheat etc. required in England.

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colonial rule is when the British came to India .the lifestyle and rules of British have changed the life of tribal people.

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how did british rule affects tribals in india

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Q: How did colonial rule affect tribal lives?
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How did European colonial rule affect agriculture in Africa?

Colonial Rule, affected agriculture in Africa by bringing in more crop's and growing more resources and trading more.

How did the English rule affect the Iroquois Confederacy?

how did the colonial elite view their role in society

How did tribal groups live?

The forest passed by the colonial rule had an considerable effect on tribal peoplethey were not allowed to practise jhum cultivationthey were not allowed to move freelythey were not allowed to collect fruits and vegetables

Which countries have tribal rule?

Papua new guinea, Indonesia, Africans, new zeleanders

What were the effects of British rule on Indian tribes?

the British rule affected the tribal life severely. the freedom of the tribal was snatched away by the British. the British imposed taxes on these tribal for more revenue

How did the changes brought by the colonial rule effect the life of pastriolists?

The lives of African pastoralists were affected by colonial policies because their grazing lands decreased, while new taxes were imposed.

Which countries still have tribal rule?


What is Tribal Rule?

Trible rule is where there's no national government or no loyalty to the national.

What were the negatice consequences of colonial rule for the african continent?

what were the negative consequences of colonial rule for the african continent

The country of Zimbabwe gained independence from what European colonial power in 1979?

British Colonial Rule British Colonial Rule in 1980 18 April

Was Zimbabwe under European colonial rule?

Yes. It was under british colonial rule in the early 1900's.

What type of colonial rule did British have on India?

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