How did dr banardo die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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he died of angina pectorisin 1905at his house in st.leonard lodge

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Q: How did dr banardo die?
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When did dr banardo die?

i dont no

Who is Dr Banardo?

dr banardo was the man who helped the orphans live their life in the Victorian times

What job did DR Banardo have?


What job did dr banardo?

as a doctor.

Who are Dr Banardo's parents?


Why did DR Banardo set up his own school?

Dr banardo set up his own school for the orphan children to live their lives.

Can Dr banardo do break dancing?


What is Dr. Banardo wifes name?


What was dr banardo's wife called?


When was Dr. Banardo born?

DR.Barnardo WAS BORN 1823.

Who was Dr. banardo's wife?

Dr Barnardo's wife was a lady named Syrie Elmsile.

How old was dr banardo when he died?

47 years young