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he was born da 4 July 1845!!!!! ok? happy now?

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Q: When was doctor banardo born?
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Who was doctor banardo?

he is an inventer

When did doctor banardo become a doctor?


What job did dr banardo?

as a doctor.

When was Dr. Banardo born?

DR.Barnardo WAS BORN 1823.

What did Doctor Banardo die of?

He died of Agina pectoris (Heart attack) He then had a public funeral.

Why did doctor Banardo set up his own school?

i dont know why u askin me 4

What date did doctor banardo die?

19 September 1905 (aged 60) London, England

What did banardo invent?

banardo invented a childrens hospital

Who is Dr Banardo?

dr banardo was the man who helped the orphans live their life in the Victorian times

What job did DR Banardo have?


When did dr banardo die?

i dont no

Who are Dr Banardo's parents?