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On ships, mostly from West Africa. The slaves were procured by all the local African chiefs. Slavery (although this is an uncomfortable truth for many of today's Africans) was rampant in Africa itself, and some 20-30% of all Africans at the time were traded and held as slaves by other Africans.

Of course this is no excuse at all for the Europeans' slave trading activities, but the happy partnerships with the local chiefs allowed them to simply place the order and sit back and wait for delivery.

Until the mid-eighteenth century, the English, Dutch and French were the major slave traders to the Americas. After around 1750, the English had pushed out all competition and became the main transporters, only allowing the Americans to take part of the trade.

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Roman and Greek slaves were usually people captured in war against neighbouring countries.

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from the triangle trade the US got it for trading wood and raw materials

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Q: How did europeans import slaves to the Americas?
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Why did Europeans import Africans to the Americas?

Initially slaves were brought to the Americas to work the sugarcane fields

Why did Europeans import enslaved Africans to the Americas?

Initially slaves were brought to the Americas to work the sugarcane fields

Who settled in the Americas first africans or Europeans?

Europeans, after columbuses discovery. europeans then (in late 1600s) introduced the africans into the Americas as slaves

Why did Europeans bring people from Africa to the Americas?

to be their slaves

Where did the Europeans go to get slaves to take to the Americas?


Why did the Europeans need more slaves in the 1500s and 1600s?

The europeans wanted to make more money out of the americas.

Approximately how many slaves did British import to Americas during in the years 1601-1810?

The British imported approximately 12 million slaves to the Americas from 1601 to 1810.

What was the route of african slaves?

From Europe, they brought textiles, run and manufactured good to Africa. From Africa, they bought slaves or simply took people and made them slaves, and brought them to the Americas. From the Americas, the Europeans brought back the sugar, tobacco and cotton.

What was Europeans' reason to import African slaves?

Europeans decided to import African slaves as opposed to slaves from other countries, because 1) they were immune to the same diseases that were killing off so many Native Americans, 2) they were strong 3) parts of Africa already had a history of slavery, so it was easy to convince communities to turn in their enemies for money.

Where would slaves come from?

Slaves would come from small villages that they lived in. African slaves came from various countries in Africa and were sold by other Africans to Europeans to be shipped to the Americas.

Who brought all the slaves to America?

The Slaves initially arrived in the Americas because of the slave triangle, this was where the Europeans, travelled to Africa and took the Slaves to America, after which they returned to Europe completing the triangle.

Why was the transport of slaves from Africa to the Americas called the Middle Passage?

It was the middle leg of the triangular trade route that Europeans followed.