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After Europe was in control, Spanish colonies were encouraged to get their land back and take control. It led to many revolutions like the French Revolution and Ind. Revolution.

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Q: How did events in Europe led to revolution in the Spanish colonies?
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What was the events and laws of the american revolution in 1763

How could have the Revolutionary war been avoided?

the revolutionary could have been avoided if the colonies would have approved the Albany plan of union proposed by Benjamen Franklin which states that the colonies should unite and form a army. if we passed it Brittan wouldn't have sent troops here so we would not be taxed for the soldiers for the French and Indian war therefore the events leading up to the American revolution also the revolution itself would have never happened. also if Britain had given westminster respresentation to the colonies it would have been avoided

This scenario is most similar to which of the following events?

the cultural revolution

Place the following events of the American Revolution into chronological order from earliest to latest?

The Proclamation of 1763 Sugar and Stamp Acts The Townshend Acts The Boston Massacre The American Revolution Begins The Intolerable Acts The Declaration of Independence The Treaty of Paris /D

Which events brought unity to Europe Which events brought disruption?

Unity was brought mainly by the decades-long process of setting up and expanding the European Union in the aftermath of WW 2; also the disappearance of the Iron Curtain in 1989 was a major factor in uniting Europe. Major disruptive factors were of course the two World Wars, and before 1989, the existence of a Communist-dominated Eastern Europe versus Western Europe.

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Which of these events happened first and led to a number of wars in Europe?

The Glorious Revolution

What were the main events in Europe in 1750 - 1850?

Industrial Revolution Napoleonic Wars American Revolution Declaration Of Independence War of 1812 Darwin Spanish Inquisition Handel Mozart Beethoven Chopin Victor Hugo Bach

What two events in europe stimulated immigration in the 1840s?

one event was the industrial revolution

How did the Spanish Revolution of 1868 affect the events in the Philippines?

Spanish Revolution of 1868 affected the Philippines because it had de la Torre extended to Filipinos the promise of reform.

How did the Spanish revolution of 1868 effect the events in the Philippines?

Because they wanted to help the

What event turned the Cuban revolution into armed conflict in the Spanish-American War?

The Spanish-American war took place approximately half a century before the Cuban revolution, so do not combine these two events.

Which of theses events led European countries to seek natural resources in colonies around the world during the 19th century?

The Industrial Revolution

The French revolution?

the french revolution[1789-1795] is regarded as one of the greatest events in the world history.its ideas profoundly influenced not only the history of Europe ,but also the rest of the world.


What was the events and laws of the american revolution in 1763

How did Political events like the Glorious Revolution influence American Colonial Politics?

The Glorious Revolution was the first time the colonies came together as a community of people with the same idea. This was very new to happen and influenced the political culture.

What events led up to Lenin's takeover of the 1917 Russian revolution?

what events led to Lenins' takeover of the revolution

What is the impact European events had on the domestic policies of the us from 1789 to 1815?

united states started as a baby nation, at the same time France was having its revolution in Europe