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In the beginning Lowell Girls entered the work force of their own volition. They used the income to pay for their brothers to go to college, to support themselves while getting an education, or just to earn extra money for themselves. As the Industrial Revolution progressed, this became the only choice for women to make any money. They were suppressed under harsh working conditions with no options for bettering their lives.

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Q: How did factory life change the traditional role of Lowell girls in?
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What did Lowell mills rely on to obtain labor?

Lowell Facts:The factory owners relied on Lowell girls to work for them (the Lowell girls were nearby farm girls)The Lowell girls relied on factory owners to give them jobsthey lived in town near their job with "___mothers"(i cant think of the ___ name -sorry)they sent the money home to their familythe conditions weren't so bad

What type of conditions did the Lowell girls work in?

Eventually the Lowell girls were working long hours, the volume of the factory machinery was ear-splitting, the work was monotonous and required little skill, stuffy working rooms, low wages, and bad health conditions.

Who are the Lowell girls?

Lowell Girls The Lowell Girls are girls who worked in the mills in the 18th century Industrial Revolution. They lived in boarding homes that were often crowded and had a little privacy but was still nice. Most Lowell Girls worked to help pay their brothers for education.

Why did Lowell hire young girls as his employees?

Lowell hired young girls as employees in his textile mills because they could be paid lower wages than adult workers, and they were thought to be more dexterous and easier to manage in the factory setting. Additionally, young girls were seen as a source of cheap and flexible labor due to their availability and vulnerability to exploitation.

Who worked in the Lowell?

Farm Girls

How many Mill Girls lived together in one of the Lowell boarding houses?

Up to 20 girls were living in the Lowell boarding houses......

How did the Lowell factory system impact the lives of the American people?

The Lowell factory system made people move into cramped and unsafe cities and buildings. They worked long hours with no breaks (10-12 hours) It was a huge change from just being on independent farms to being in a big city. Also, the loud noises were unbearable. The machines were also very unsafe with lots of exposed moving parts. Another big change was that there were girls working the machines. Usually, girls didn't work. It was also very hot because the windows were kept shut. For more information, look at this website:

Where did the Lowell girls live?

boarding houses near the mills

How did the Lowell Mills recruit girls?

they conducted them to make money

What was true about the Lowell girls?

they lived in company-owned boardinghouses.

What did the Lowell girls do to get famous?

The Lowell girls didn't intend on getting famous but by fighting for their rights to get better working conditions that showed the courage of women and that's what people loved about them and that is how they were known.

What was the age range for most of the Lowell Mill Girls?

Most of the Lowell Mill Girls were between the ages of 15 to 35 years old. Many of them were young women in their late teens or early twenties.