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Up to 20 girls were living in the Lowell boarding houses......

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Q: How many Mill Girls lived together in one of the Lowell boarding houses?
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Where did the Lowell girls live?

boarding houses near the mills

Did the Lowell girls get to live with their families?

No, they lived in boarding houses close to the factories.

Who are the Lowell girls?

Lowell Girls The Lowell Girls are girls who worked in the mills in the 18th century Industrial Revolution. They lived in boarding homes that were often crowded and had a little privacy but was still nice. Most Lowell Girls worked to help pay their brothers for education.

Is girls' boarding school possessive?

Yes, the form girls' is the plural possessive form of the noun girl.The girls' boarding school is the boarding school of the girls or the boarding school for girls.

What did Lowell mills rely on to obtain labor?

Lowell Facts:The factory owners relied on Lowell girls to work for them (the Lowell girls were nearby farm girls)The Lowell girls relied on factory owners to give them jobsthey lived in town near their job with "___mothers"(i cant think of the ___ name -sorry)they sent the money home to their familythe conditions weren't so bad

Who worked in the Lowell?

Farm Girls

What are the release dates for Girls' Boarding School - 1897?

Girls' Boarding School - 1897 was released on: USA: April 1897

What are the release dates for The Boarding School Girls - 1905?

The Boarding School Girls - 1905 was released on: USA: September 1905

Is there a boys and girls boarding school?

yes, boarding schools are usually gender specific.

What might be reasons for 16 year old Mary paul's satisfaction with her job and life in Lowell?

She has a very good boarding place, enough to eat, and the girls that she works with are all kind. Her overseer was also treated her well.

What does Lowell girl mean?

Francis Cabot Lowell established several mills at Waltham, Massachusetts, in 1813, and founded the town of Lowell in 1826. Lowell needed workers for his expanding mills so he sent out agents to scour the country side of rural New England for "farmer's daughters." The girls were boarded in secure, company supervised lodging houses in Lowell and received $3 for 70 hours of work in the mills per week. It may seem like low wages and long hours, but at the time it was a reasonable wage for women and the girls from the rural areas were used to hard, physical labor on the family farms. The girls were also schooled, attended church, and given a variety of educational and cultural programs. They usually started as "Lowell's girls" at 16 or 17 years old and soon would have a dowry large enough to attract a suitable husband.

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