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They helped by building railroads.

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Q: How did immigrants help to develop the west?
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How did the railroads help develop the west?

fukk the west

What was the purpose of the benevolent associations?

To help new immigrants in their comunities

How did the transcontinental railroad help the west develop?

it made it easier to get from one place to the other

Why was a gold rush develop?

The gold rush was developed as a result of immigrants flooding America looking for work. Once gold was struck, they all moved to the west hoping to struck gold and make a fortune. Not only were immigrants involved in this, but citizens in the North and the South East began to move to the west in hopes of a better life.

Where do most illegal immigrants go?

to the mid west and the north west

Compare immigration before and after 1890?

Between 1600 and 1890 about 20 million immigrants arrived from Western Europe. Because the United States was young and growing these immigrants were welcomed to help develop cities, build roads, construct canals, and farm fields. By 1890 the United States was overflowing with immigrants as about 10 million immigrants arrived every five years from Southern and Eastern Europe including Greeks, Czechs, Hungarians, Italians, Poles, Jews, and Russians. After 1890 there was no more free land in the West. Illiterate immigrants were willing to work cheap, accused of stealing jobs, and easy prey for corrupt politicians.

How did the immigrants help make burgers and tacos popular food inamerica?

How did the immigrants help tacos and hamburgers popular

Where did many Chinese immigrants settle?

Most Chinese immigrants settled in the western cities. Most of them were in California.

What river helped civilizations to develop in West Africa?

The Nile River helped civilizations to develop in West Africa.

What kind of immigrants came to the west?

the European's, the French, and the English

How did immigrants help pennsylvania prosper?


What state and region did Andrew Jackson represent?

Jackson particularlu represented all the immigrants and children of immigrants like himself. Most of these people lived in what was then the West and the South, including western PA.