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You have to be more specific as to when, because various groups have been discriminated against at different times. Chinese immigrants were discriminated against on the west coast at one time, as were Catholic immigrants.

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Q: What two immigrant groups where discriminated?
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Who were the two major immigrant groups of the 18th century?

British and European were the 2 main immigrant groups. This was back in the 18th century.

What two groups make up Australia's culture?

The only two groups that are distinctly different in Australia's culture would be the indigenous aboriginal population and the immigrant's. the immigrant's of course have a multitude of different cultures them selves.

What two groups were largely the most discriminated against the Great Immigration?

African Americans and Women

What two immigrant groups largely settled in the back country regions of the colonies?

The Germans and the Scots-Irish

Why are Asian-Americans more discriminated than other ethnic groups?

They aren't. Most groups are just as discriminated against as any other, and less so in certain areas.

What immigrant groups settled in pennsylnania?

what were the groups that settled in Pennsyvania? what were the groups that settled in Pennsyvania?

One group that improved education in cities by opening private religious school was?

catholic immigrant groups (apex)

What immigrant groups settled in Pennsylvania?

There are several immigrant groups that settled in Pennsylvania. These include the Dutch, Swedes, Fins, Quakers, Germans, as well as the Mennonites.

The two immigrant ethnic groups who were most harshly treated in the mid to late nineteenth century were the?

Irish and Chinese

What are the main immigrant groups?

They did not came from Mexico.

Name two groups of people that the early Americans discriminated against?

Early Americans discriminated against "african americans" and "american indians' A: Also the Chinese who worked, not only on the transcontinental railway system, but on many of the railroads in this country.

How do Jews feel about discrimination?

No groups likes being discriminated against.