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Early Americans discriminated against "african americans" and "american indians'

A: Also the Chinese who worked, not only on the transcontinental railway system, but on many of the railroads in this country.

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Q: Name two groups of people that the early Americans discriminated against?
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White people and established African Americans in cities?

found high paying jobs

How were African Americans and Native Americans discriminated against?

African Americans were used as slaves, discriminated against because white people didnt treat them as equal. Native Americans because they were forced to move west in "the trail of tears" because that one white president was greedy and discriminated against them

What did White people and established African Americans in cities do?

Often discriminated against freedmen.

With the rush to california in the late 1840s this group of people dominated and discriminated against the other groups?


What group is most discriminated against in Latin America?

Native Americans and black people are usually the people with most disadvantages in this regard.

Are the African discriminated in or society before nowadays?

Discrimination occurs around the world in society, including against African people. It is no different nowadays, than it was in the past, except that it is less socially acceptable for certain groups to be discriminated against.

How many people are being discriminated in our everyday life?

everyone from African Americans, Mexicans, homosexuals, bisexuals, Asian Americans, etc. the list goes on. Basically, it all depends on how you view different people. People from all different walks of life are being discriminated against every day of our lives

How do you use the environment to promote positive images of people who may be discriminated against?

how to use the environment to promote positive images of people who may be discriminated against

Can you give some examples of people who have been discriminated in any way against?

The Jews, Muslims, Mexicans, African-Americans. sadly, the list is endless.

How were the blacks and Hispanics treated differently then the Japanese Americans during war?

After the attack on Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941) many people started discriminating against Japanese Americans because the Japanese were the people who bombed Pearl Harbor. People looked at the Japanese Americans as spies and untrustworthy. FDR saw this in people and relocated the Japanese Americans to camps in Wyoming to "protect" them. Mexicans and African Americans were not relocated and looked at as spies. People still discriminated againsts these ethnics groups but not to the lenghts as which they did to the Japanese Americans.

Why were catholics and Jewish people discriminated against?

the answer is banana

A group of Indian people who are discriminated against?