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well he is the son of the second president, John Adams, and he appointed his son in 1797 as Minister to Prussia at Washington's urging. he was part of the US sentate... and he WA the sixth president of the us

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Q: How did john Quincey Adams became famous?
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What john Adams full name?

John Quincey Adams

Who is john quincey Adams?

The sixth president of the United States and John Adams' oldest son.

Was John Quincy Adams a patriot?

Yes, John Quincey Adams was a very strong Patriot.

Are you related to someone who signed the declaration of independence?

I am related to John Adams and, of course, John Quincey Adams.

What problems did John Adams have?

John Quincey Adams had many foreign encounters with other countries.

Where did John quincey Adams go to school?

figur it out your self

What number president was john quincey Adams?

the sixth president

What was the name of John Adams estate in Quincey Massachusetts?

It was Peacefield.

5 bad things about john quincey Adams?

He Farted

How did John Adams influence John Quincy Adams?

john addams was the second president and john quincey adams was the 6th, the 6th was the son of the 2nd!Xxx

Who was John Adams 1803-1834 the son of John Quincy Adams wife?

Actually, John Adams was the father of John Quincey Adams. John Q.'s mother was Abigail Smith Adams.

Where there any presidents born in Massachusetts?

john Adams john quincey adams john f kennedy gorge h w bush