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After being discovered with his family in August, 1944 he only stayed in Auschwitz from September, 1944 to January, 1945 when Auschwitz was liberated by Soviet troops. Although that three months had already been long enough to put him in the sick bay, it hadn't been long enough for him to die. His daughter Anne had been transported on to the Bergen-Belsen camp where a typhus epidemy broke out that killed her.

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Yes he did, and afterwards, he was able to publish his daughter's diary, which became the famous book "The Diary of Anne Frank."

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Q: How did otto frank survive the concentration camps at the time?
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Did anyone from the anne frank family survive the concentration camps?

yes her father( Otto frank) lived or servived

13 Who was the only occupant of the annex to survive concentration camps?

annes dad otto frank

Who was the only member of the Secret Annex to survive the concentration camps?

Otto Frank was the only survivor from that group.

Someone who made it through concentration camps?

otto frank

Did otto frannk own the spice company?

Otto Frank did own a company that grounded pepper and other spices in a warehouse where they later hid in a concealed Annexe for over two years until they were captured by the Nazi's and sent off to separate concentration camps. Otto Frank was the only one to survive the Annexe and concentration camps.

Who was the only occpant of the annex to survive concentration camps?

Anne Frank's father, Otto Frank, was the only person living in the annex to survive the war. All the others died in the concentration camps. When Otto Frank returned home, Miep Gies, the woman who hid them and found Anne Frank's diary, gave them to the father. After that, Otto Frank published his daughter's diary to let the world know what Anne had to say and raise awareness about the horrors the Jewish people had to face.

Where were the frank family taken to when they were arrested?

The Frank family was taken to concentration camps when they were arrested. Anne Frank was sent to Bergen-Belsen in Germany, where she died of typhus, while her father Otto Frank survived Auschwitz concentration camp.

Who was the only occupant of the annex to surive concentration camps?

Otto frank, Anne's father

Was anyone murderd in the frank famliy?

Technically, everyone except her father, Otto Frank were murdered in the concentration camps.

What punishment do Anne frank and her family get for not turning themselves in?

They where forced into concentration camps.

Survivors in anne franks family?

Anne Frank's father, Otto Frank, was the only survivor from her immediate family. Her mother, Edith Frank, and sister, Margot Frank, both died in concentration camps during World War II. Otto Frank later published Anne's diary, creating a lasting legacy in her memory.

What was the only occupant of the annex to survive the concentration camp?

Otto Frank, Anne's father