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Prisoners become famous for what they go to prison for, what they do in prison, and/or what they do when they get out. Also prisoners become famous because they may be or be aquainted with someone famous, rich, powerful or infamous

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Q: How did prison become famous?
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What was the civil war prison?

the famous ciil war prison was the Andersonville Prison

What is Eldridge Cleaver's famous quote?

his quote was this: "In prison, those things withheld from and denied to the prisoner become precisely what he wants most of all."

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If you're in prison, no. To be a nurse you have to go to nursing school.

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Why did Andersonville become the most famous prison in the south?

The horrors of Andersonville were essentially incomparable with any other wartime prisons during the civil war. The war crimes committed in the prison were so severe that the warden was put to death for his brutality after the war.

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The most well known prison in Dublin is Mountyjoy prison. There are other smaller prisons and some historic ones. Kilmainham Jail is a historical prison, that no longer has prisoners and is now a tourist attraction because of its history. It is the most famous historic prison in Dublin.