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salvador allende become famous because his parents was the president of Chile and his mom was the most beutiful women in the world

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Q: What made salvador allende famous and what are some of his accomplishments?
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The book that made Isabel Allende famous is "The House of the Spirits," her debut novel published in 1982. It is a multigenerational story that blends magical realism with political and social commentary, and it has been widely acclaimed as a classic of Latin American literature.

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Why were the people unhappy with president salvador allende?

The rich in Chile were unhappy with president Allende's rule because he created many policies like the redistribution of land for landless farmers, education reform, and free milk for children. He was also opposed to the other countries and the rich persons to trade the natural resources in the countr like copper. These policies of Allende made the rich angry. The rich and the other countries funded the bombing activities to end Allende's rule in Chile in 1973.

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