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Q: What famous building is made of basalt?
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What famous statues are made from basalt?

soulja boy tell em

What olivine basalt is used as a building material in Australia?

why is basalt used as building material

What famous building is made from diamonds?

No building on earth is 'made from diamonds'.

What kind of rock does the kilauea volcano make?

Kilauea is made up of lava flows. Lava pours out of the volcano in thin sheets, building up the volcano over time.

What famous building in US is made out of limestone?

the awesome josh building was made from limestone in 2003

What is a sentence using the word 'basalt'?

That rock was not Basalt, it was different. This is not a diamond, just a normal Basalt.

What famous building is made out of marble?

The Taj Mahal is made of marble.

Is basalt used for making things?

Basalt is mostly used for construction purposes - from building blocks and tiles to asphalt for roadmaking.

What is the crust beneath the ocean made up basalt?

yes, it is made up of basalt, if that was your question.... ;)

Where Is Basalt Found In Ireland?

Basalt can be found in parts of Ireland, particularly in areas of County Antrim in Northern Ireland. The Giant's Causeway, a famous natural landmark in County Antrim, is made up of basalt columns formed by ancient volcanic activity.

What is the major use for a basalt rock?

Basalt rocks are commonly used in construction for building materials such as aggregates in concrete and asphalt. They can also be used in landscaping and as a decorative feature in gardens due to their durability and unique appearance. Additionally, basalt fiber, made from melted basalt rock, is used as a reinforcing material in composite materials for applications such as automotive parts and construction.

What famous building in London is made out of limestone?

The Houses of Parliament are made out of Limestone.