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because it was all they had left from their home

they were taken away from their homes to work for people who werent always kind in fact most were tough, so it meant a lot to them to have their religion, which most had to do secretly becuase they would be punished for not taking the owners religion

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Religion helps slaves keep hope alive. When they sung spirituals, they drew upon the power of the words and continued to survive.

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Belief in God gave many slaves hope of a better life than the one they had on earth. It also assured them that they were loved and were equal in God's eyes with their masters.

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Because that's all they had and it's especially sad because they only have the religion to pray for that's why they would have the slave songs and use the north star a lot

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Q: How did religion help slaves endure their life of hardship?
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this is from 8Th grade creating America book... Slaves relied on that culture with its strong religious convictions, close personal bonds, and abundance of music to help them endure the harsh punishment on the Plantation Life.

How did religion help people endure slavery?

Religion provided enslaved individuals with hope, inner strength, and a sense of community. It offered a belief in a higher power who provided comfort and purpose in the face of suffering. Additionally, religious teachings of equality and justice inspired resistance and resilience among the oppressed.

How did religion help people endure or resist slavery?

Religion provided enslaved individuals with spiritual strength, hope, and a sense of community. Through faith, people found solace, resilience, and a belief in a greater purpose beyond their current suffering. Religious teachings often inspired resistance to oppression by emphasizing concepts of justice, freedom, and the inherent dignity of all individuals.

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