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The 13th amendment to the US Constitution was passed in December of 1865. It protects all people. The amendment specifically abolishes slavery.

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Q: How did the 13th amendment impact participation in minority groups?
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What is the impact of interest groups on civil participation?

Interest groups are one important mechanism whereby citizens in the United States make their ideas, needs, and views known to elected officials.

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Minority groups often face challenges such as discrimination, limited access to resources and opportunities, lack of representation in decision-making processes, and systemic barriers that contribute to disparities in areas like education, employment, and healthcare. These challenges can result in social and economic inequalities that impact the well-being and advancement of minority communities.

What best describes the impact of postwar economic growth on minority groups?

The gap between white and African American incomes continued during these years.

Significant social changes in the navy during world war ii had the greatest impact on which of the following American minority groups?

African Americans and Women

How did the amendments impact minority participation in the political process?

Amendments have affected Americans' participation in government Because it got a cause of the reason its happen For example,In 1920, Catherine Lewis was old enough to vote and, because of the 19th Amendment, able to vote as a woman. In this quote, she recalls casting her first vote in the election for president that year. Not only was she eager to vote, but her father was happy about the fact as well.This happen because of the 19th Amendment it have the right women could vote when there are 18

What was the impact of majority-minority districts?

minority representation in the legislature has decreased.

What best describes the impact od postwar economic growth on minority groups?

Mexican American families remained far behind white families.......

Barck obamas impact?

As the first black president of the United States, Barack Obama has given hope to the minority groups in the US.

What impact does terrorism and cyber crimes have on the fourth amendment?

What impact does terrorism and cybercrimes have on interpreting the fourth amendment

What impact does terrorism and cyber crimes have on interpreting the fourth amendment?

What impact does terrorism and cybercrimes have on interpreting the fourth amendment

Is same-sex marriage equal to heterosexual marriage under the 14th amendment to the US Constitution?

The nature of a marriage is not determined by the Constitution, but by the laws of the state under which it is formed. However, the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th amendment might be successfully applied to strike down a law that has an adverse impact on members of minority class, if the state can show no legitimate interest that outweighs the disparate impact.

Which amendment has the greatest impact on the shared powers of government in the us?

The 10th amendment.