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by promising them freedom

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Question: How did the British convince slaves to fight against the Patriots? 
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its the right answer ong

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Q: How did the British convince slaves to fight against the Patriots?
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In 1783 which state legislature emancipated slaves who served in the army fighting against the British?


Why did the Americans and the British fight again in the Battle of Bunker Hill?

to fight for freedom against slaves

What three groups of people had the british enlisted to fight against the colonists?

slaves, mercenaries, and native americans

In Lincolns inaugural speech in 1861 he tried to convince the South that?

He is trying to convince them that he has no intentions of freeing slaves.

Why did Britain focus its efforts on the South after 1778?

The British believed Loyalists were most prominent in the south and sought to enlist the aid of both southerners as well as their slaves. They achieved huge wins in Georgia (late 1778) and South Carolina (May, 1779). Unfortunately for them, the British overestimated Loyalist support in the south and their presence persuaded some who had been sitting on the fence about the rebellion to join the Patriots.

Did the patriots use slaves?

Yes. George Washington AND Thomas Jefferson were known to keep slaves busily working their farms.

What was one recruiting method used by American colonists to enlist more slaves into the Revolutionary army in the war against the British?

The American Revolutionary War provided slaves with an incentive to join the fight against the British. American slaveholders were provided with incentives to allow their slaves the opportunity to become soldiers in the War, and to eventually gain their freedom. In the New York colony, 500 acres of land were offered to any slaveholder who allowed each slave to enlist for 3 years in the Colonial Army. For the most part, these slaves became freed men as part of their own compensation for fighting the British. The British also courted Black men into their ranks.

What part did the British have in slavery?

The British had a large part in slavery in that the many of the British people were purchasers of slaves. They also held slaves and farmed with slave labor.

Who was a British opponent of the slave trade?

British opponents of the slave trade were Americans and French because the Americans did not like slaves and they did not want there to be slaves in British territories

Where did they keep slaves around 1823?

In 1823, slaves were being kept in Jamaica, British Guiana, Barbados, Trinidad, Brazil, the American colonies, as well as elsewhere. Although, Britain was against the slave trade they had no issue with keeping slaves as many were needed to maintain the production of sugar cane.

How many slaves were the British able to transport to the Americas when the demand for slaves was the highest?


Why did British prevented the slaves from having education?

So the slaves wouldn't be able to outsmart them.